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RB ASIA is opening Chinese Desk

Chinese investment in Uzbekistan is gaining momentum. China is one of the largest trade and economic partners of Uzbekistan. According to the Ministry of investments and foreign trade, the total volume of Chinese investments in Uzbekistan exceeded $ 1.4 billion in 2017-2018. By the end of 2019, Chinese investments and loans totaled $ 705.4 million.

RB ASIA follows the dynamics of development and sees the huge opportunities for both Uzbek companies interested in attracting investments, and Chinese investors who see prospects for investments in Uzbekistan. In this regard, RB ASIA opens Chinese desk that specializes in working with Chinese companies. The main goal is to expand the geography of business activities and increase the volume of Chinese investments to the economy of Uzbekistan. It is planned to establish cooperation with investment banks, law firms, investment funds that support the economic project "One Belt, One Road", as well as direct contacts with Chinese companies. It is worth to say that, in addition to supporting of investment projects, RB ASIA is planning to provide foreign clinets with an opportunity to enter the financial market of Uzbekistan, which has great potential of growth. In addition, Chinese companies can get a full range of Uzbekistan’s markets and industries research services, based on which companies will make strategic, operational and investment decisions.

“I am sure that the Chinese desk will contribute not only to the growth of Chinese investments, but also to the development of long-term mutually beneficial relations between entrepreneurs of the two countries."- Doniyor Islamov, CEO of RB ASIA.

The new impulse for business development promises to expand client base, build long-term relationships with Chinese partners, and open up new business horizons.

For cooperation with Chinese desk, please contact:

Tamara Li

Investment Advisory Department

Mob.: +998993134880


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