Globalscope is #1 in Eastern Europe for deals up to $50mln

According to Thomson Reuters report for 9m 2017 global total number of deals for undisclosed and deals valued up to 50 mln USD increased by 3.8% to 31,486 transactions.

The increase is mostly caused by growth of the deal numbers in the US (by 38%), whereas the number of deals shrinked in Europe (by 8%). Asia-Pacific deals count was about the same as in the same period of 2016.

In the Eastern Europe the number of transactions decreased by 30% to 2,113 in this segment:

As can be seen from the table above Globalscope together with Rothschild & Co was ranked #1 with 13 deals each. Globalscope has the highest jump (+13 positions) in the ranking.

RB ASIA is a part of Globalscope international M&A association, which unites investment advisory firms from 45 countries.

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