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EBRD held conference on "Mechanisms of interaction between EBRD and SMEs" in Tashkent

On 9 November 2017, RB Asia representatives attended a conference which was held in the city of Tashkent with the participation of the experts of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan on the subject: "Mechanisms of interaction between the EBRD and SMEs" with the participation of local entrepreneurs and consultants.


The main purpose of this conference is providing information to local businesses regarding financing investment projects by the EBRD in Uzbekistan with detailed information applying Loans and Grants. Besides, attracting foreign direct investment, development SMEs and exchange rate risks issues were discussed. EBRD is planning to provide Loans in USD and in the future in the local currency “Sum” to protect entrepreneurs from exchange rate risk.Representatives of EBRD for business entities presented a number of presentations and explaining how they can help to develop SMEs by using consulting services in the following areas:

- Consulting for the private sector;

- Financing through credit lines;

- Discussion of regional cooperation with the EBRD.

The EBRD announced that they already start funding two companies AGROMIR Group 10 million USD and Jurabek Laboratories 11 million USD.Representatives of EBRD informed that they are ready to finance projects with local businesses and that they will open branches in regions of Uzbekistan to make easy to communication with regional entrepreneurs as well.

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