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Venture Capital Financing of

Start Ups and Portfolio companies

Investment Focus

RB Partners Group specializes in managing venture capital investments at the “seed” and “early” stages of development of companies in Russia and in the CIS region. We cooperate with outstanding developers of innovative products that solve complex problems. We are actively involved in all our investments. The company is serious about choosing an investment target, but as soon as we invest, we aim to apply all of our industry contacts, practical business building experience, and an understanding of local and international business cultures to help our companies more effectively reach their business. plans, and to achieve significant competitive advantage.

What does "Venture Capital" mean?

Venture Capital is investing in Start Ups and business at an early stage of development with the aim of obtaining high profits from the growth of the value of a business that does not have access to the capital market today.

Venture Capital is an important and necessary type of investment because it promotes the development of entrepreneurship, especially in the high-tech sector and other innovative industries. However, Venture Capital can not avoid risks. In fact, this is one of the most risky types of investment, since many new companies do not meet expectations. Venture investors, foreseeing these risks, diversify their portfolio so that successful investments can cover losses from less successful investments.

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Венчурное финансирование RB Asia
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