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Our Culture

and Values

To build investment banking industry leader and advance the development of Uzbekistan economy.

Our Mission

To contribute to the distinctive growth and success of our Clients by delivering value.

Our Vision

Our Culture & Values

Creating Value & Result-oriented approach

Creating value for our Clients lies at the core of our firm. Our approach is thoroughly review the business, its competitive edge and environment it operates in. As a result, we develop best positive and tangible results, which provides a long-term value for our clients.

Client-centric approach

We understand our clients’ needs and act in their interest. We truly believe that “we are successful if our clients are successful”. Apart from putting our clients’ interests first, we fully commit ourselves to their success, maintaining integrity and high ethical standards, without compromise.


We have a culture of open communication both within our company and with Clients, what significantly advances our decision-making process and improves the efficiency of our teams. Moreover, it is essential in relation to all our stakeholders: customers, employees, investors, governments, and others.

Personal Development

Our company brings our people countless opportunities to personal development, explore new approaches, test innovative tools and learn by doing things right. We believe each employee contributes to a success of our performance and each of them make an impact on businesses and society. Thus, all the opinions and ideas are taken into account. Our people are highly supportive, as we believe helping others to succeed is a win-win strategy which leads to long-term growth and development.


Diversity and Inclusion

We work in small teams of 2-3, where each of us represents a range of different backgrounds, experiences and insights because we value diverse of perspectives. We believe variety of backgrounds and fresh point of view nourish our ability to innovate, challenges existing knowledge and help to come up with the best decisions.

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