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Supporting personal growth of each employee is one of the core values of RB ASIA

Our company brings our people countless opportunities to personal development, explore new approaches, test innovative tools and learn from own positive experience.


We believe each employee contributes to a success of our performance and each of them make an impact on businesses and society. Thus, all the opinions and ideas are taken into account.


Our people are supportive, as we believe helping others to succeed is a win-win strategy that leads to long-term growth and development.

I am a student

From internships to analyst positions, at RB ASIA you will be able to realize your full potential by working with industry leading companies of Uzbekistan and open up career prospects.

I am a professional

Challenge yourself, invest in your professional development, be inspired and become part of the change.

Employee selection process

When deciding on the hiring of new employees, we strive to select the most capable and talented candidates. Our goal is to choose candidates who are not just eligible for positions, but also have growth potential, are able to work with full efficiency and enthusiasm, as well as those who match the values ​​and spirit of our Company.

The recruitment process takes place based on a universal method of assessing the potential candidate, which is implemented by all departments of our company. This system allows us to make the most objective decision and evaluate the managerial skills and personal qualities of a potential employee and consists of three stages.

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Resume analysis allows us to select those candidates who have the most relevant skills for the job.



Testing. We use well-known and universal testing methods in order to make the most objective decision and evaluate the managerial skills and personal qualities of a potential employee.


Interview with company management. The purpose of the interview is assessment of the candidate’s professional and personal qualities, as well as provision of brief information about the company and answers to the candidate's questions.

A positive decision is made only if the candidate successfully passes through all the stages of selection process. If you successfully complete the interview process and consider that we are the right place for you, we will make you a official offer. From the moment you accept the offer, we will be glad to welcome you to RB ASIA.

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