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Strategy and transformation 

We provide services in the field of strategy and transformation for companies in Uzbekistan, in order to assist you to develop both long-term development plans, as well as increase the efficiency of the company.
In a competitive environment, you always need to be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

With growing economy and a changing market environment, more and more companies need to make strategic decisions. Strategic consulting is a set of actions aimed at determining the further direction of the company's development and its prospects, based on the current market situation and the potential of the company itself.  The main goal is to provide professional assistance to companies that do not know how to develop a development strategy in order to achieve their goals, as well as companies that need transformation in order to become more efficient and profitable.

The reasons for the need to attract strategy consultants can be strong growing competition, changing market environment and customer behavior, changes in the organizational structure of the company, defocusing of the company with several business units, the company needs to expand, attract financing/investment and other factors.

Who needs strategic consulting and why?

Strategic consulting is needed by both large holdings and medium-sized businesses. A strategy is a series of complex actions to achieve the set goals. Very often, businessmen face a number of questions, such as:

- How will the market change? What is my place?

- Will my product and/or service be in demand and competitive?

- Are the operational processes within the company working correctly?

- How to increase sales? profit?

- Does my product and/or service create value for the end consumer?

- How to minimize and neutralize risks?

- Where to go next?

And etc.


What are the goals of the strategy?

  • Attracting investments, financing, investment funds

  • Business Transformation

  • Financial recovery, increase profitability

  • Mergers and acquisitions with other companies

  • Improving business process management

  • Creation of value and/or value chain

  • Transparency of corporate governance

  • Increasing competitiveness in the local market

  • Implementation of the management system

  • Expansion of the product or service line

  • Entering international markets

  • Improving operational efficiency

  • Sales growth, marketing



Our international team has significant experience and expertise in various sectors of the economy.


We are a completely independent company and present the results of our work in the same way.


Our internal quality control is responsible for ensuring that the analysis and the data on which it is based are justified.


We understand what is happening in the market and what are the trends in it, and we also use the best international practices in order to present the most effective results.

Strategy development process

1. Analysis of the external environment

  Market analysis and positioning of the company in the local market, as well as analysis of market behavior, identification of drivers, needs and opportunities.​​​

2. Analysis of the internal environment

  Diagnostics of the company - operational, financial,  HR. The results will help to assess the effectiveness of the organization for building a strategy, as well as the main objectives of the strategy.

3. International experience

Analysis of effective international strategies in this industry, with the participation of international and local experts  ​



4. Development of strategic options

Development of several options for development strategies that the company can choose for long-term development.

5. Development of strategy and roadmap

Comprehensive development of a long-term and medium-term strategy together with the client's team.

  Development of a roadmap that includes a list of necessary activities with time frames for each area with expected results.

Industry expertise of RB ASIA in Uzbekistan:

  • Technology, Media and Telecommunications

  • Banking sector

  • Textile industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Healthcare / Medicine

  • The property

  • Automotive industry

  • International trade

  • insurance services

  • Energy

  • Food industry / Agriculture

  • Tourism and Hospitality

  • Retail

  • Construction

Result of work:

The company's development strategy, that takes into account external and internal factors,  and a roadmap for its implementation with a list of necessary activities.

If you are interested in our services, please get in touch with us by clicking "Request" button below and filling up the request form and we will respond within 1 working day:
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