RB ASIA will develop a project for Imam Bukhari International Scientific-Research Center

Пост обновлен 8 июля 2020 г.

Imam Bukhari International Scientific-Research Center hires international consultants with assistance of Islamic Development Bank.

On June 16, 2020, the agreement was signed between the Imam Bukhari International Scientific-Research Center and RB ASIA consulting company for the development of a financial sustainability plan for the Center. The Project is funded by a grant from the Islamic Development Bank.

“This Project, with the support of the Islamic Development Bank, is aimed at developing the activities of the Imam Bukhari International Scientific-Research Center, including through the development of a model of financial sustainability of the Center.” - says Shovosil Ziyodov, Director of the Center.

The consultant of this Project is the international consulting company RB Asia. RB Asia provides investment and research advisory services for private and public organizations, including for the projects with the participation of international organizations such as the World Bank, the EBRD and others. The consulting company also helps companies and organizations from Uzbekistan attract international investors.

“With the active participation of the management and staff of the Imam Bukhari Scientific-Research center, representatives of the Islamic Development Bank, as well as our team, which includes international experts, we plan to execute the Project taking into account the best international experience.” – says Doniyor Islamov, CEO of RB Asia.

The Imam Bukhari International Scientific-Research Center was established in Uzbekistan by the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Sh.M. Mirziyoyev under the auspices of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation with the aim of scientific study of the rich heritage of the founder of the science of hadith, great ancestor Imam Bukhari, who made an incomparable contribution to development of Islamic culture among people and the world community, on the basis of preserving and honoring our national values, as well as enriching the spiritual world and morality of the young generation, strengthening beliefs, to strengthen feelings of love and devotion to the Motherland in youth.

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